What Is Going On?


Two Elves Stranded after Missing Sleigh Ride Back To North Pole

Elf for the 96.1 KISS FM Holly Jolly Christmas Giveaway. GREELEY, Colo - Santa Claus and his elves came to Northern Colorado to check and see if the boys and girls of Northern Colorado were being good. As his sleigh was taking off to return to the North Pole, two of his elves, Holly and Jolly, missed the sleigh ride back.

The duo found themselves at Ehrlich Nissan, Ehrlich VW and the Ehrlich Used Car SuperStore, looking for a reliable vehicle to get them back to the North Pole. The staff at Ehrlich at Highway 34 and 35th Avenue had a better idea. They will let Holly and Jolly test drive a new car around Northern Colorado for a few weeks while doing what elves do best - make the holiday season a little more jollier across the Front Range!

Keeping Track of the Elves

96.1 KISS FM is trying our best to keep track of the elves, but they are elves. Even with the most sophisticated technologies, we can't keep an eye on them. All we know is they will be all around the Colorado Front Range, making the season bright for people everywhere. What they might do is unknown. They might pay for your breakfast or they might pick up the tab for your groceries or toys. Who knows - you might even be shopping for gifts and find a random gift card in your shopping cart when your back is turned.

Did You Receive a Surprise from Holly and Jolly?

Give us a call and let us know about the pleasant surprise! Call 970-439-1949 and tell us about your experience!

Spread The Joy Yourself

While Holly and Jolly are out spreading holiday cheer, we invite you to take a second and make a neighbor have a great day. Click the button below to print a card out and spread the holiday cheer. Use your name - or remain anonymous. But take a moment to spread the holiday cheer in Northern Colorado, just like Holly & Jolly are doing!

Holly and Jolly Return to the North Pole

Holly and Jolly will return to the North Pole just before Christmas Eve - so be on the lookout for the two elves! Be sure you keep an eye on our Facebook page, because you may just see a heartwarming story about someone who was "Elfed" by Holly and Jolly, Ehrlich NissanEhrlich VW and theEhrlich Used Car SuperStore, and 96.1 KISS FM!


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